Podcast: Health Hacks with Mark L White

Despite the remarkable research supporting regenerative medicine like Stem Cells and Exosomes, the FDA has decided to ban the use of these treatments in the US. Many argue that it is because big pharma is looking for a way to monopolies the treatment or effectively end the possibility of it because they have the ability to cure people, instead of keeping them dependent on pills forever, which results in loss revenue for big pharma companies. Besides the obstacles created by the business side of the medical realm, there is a ton of misinformation surrounding the ethics of treatments like Stem Cells. For example, those that are not in the know are under the impression that stem cells are recruited from babies or fetuses that result in pregnancy complications. This couldn’t be further from the truth. To get to the bottom of it, I invited Founder, President & Chief Scientific Officer of Neobiosis, Dr. Ian White, onto the show.

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