New Life Medical Services is an FDA registered and multi-state licensed tissue bank specializing in the prescreening, processing and distribution of natural biologic products. We work closely with clinicians and practitioners strategically placed across the U.S. with the focus of enhancing lives through natural biologics, skincare and supplement products.


NEOBIOSIS is a biotechnology company focused on the development and manufacturing of innovative perinatal products for research and clinical trials. Our goal is simple: to help redefine the field of regenerative medicine through regenerative science and shape the future of this fledgling industry through meaningful partnerships and collaborations. We are uniquely positioned to help usher in this new era of medicine, which focuses on the potential of perinatal birth tissues, including cells, EVs, and matrix.


BTi is on a mission to increase awareness and donation rates so we can continue to develop medical innovations using birth tissue. BTI partners with hospitals across the United States to create and implement birth tissue donation programs uniquely designed for their specific facility. At BTI, we are committed to spread the word about donation and how one donor has the potential to provide a life-saving resource to a patient in need. To learn more, visit www.btiinc.org.